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We are getting new trains, upgrading all our current fleet and saying goodbye to the Pacers!

Almost £500m is being spent on 101 new state of the art trains. The first trains go in to service this summer bringing better technology, improved comfort and more capacity.

It’s not just about what’s coming into service. The outdated Pacers will finally be taken out of service. Introduced in the 1980s, they will be making way for new and refurbished trains.

We run seven different types of trains and our current stock is currently being refurbished to a high standard – you may have already been on one of the refurbished trains we have completed, and if not, you will soon. The improvements will include technology such as free Wi-Fi and charging points, new seating, flooring, better lighting and better toilet facilities, as well as making all our trains fully accessible.

Our new trains


Our first new diesel and electric trains entered service this summer and will continue to be rolled out for the rest of the year and into 2020.

High quality travel - wherever you are on our network


Improving our trains is one of our top priorities and very soon wherever you go on our network you will get on a better train. They will have nicer interiors to make your journey more pleasant, and new technologies to make travelling easier and to keep you connected and up to date with all your travel information.

Depending on which type of train you get on, some of the features you’ll experience on our upgraded trains include new seats, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and improved passenger information systems, making your journey nicer, easier and better informed. All trains will be fully accessible.

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