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What's Happening?

Here at Northern, we are working really hard to make your rail travel better. This site is dedicated to sharing with you the exciting plans we have and how we’re progressing with them.

We are delivering the largest modernisation programme in a generation – new trains, refurbished trains and improving our stations. We’re also increasing the number of services we provide to give you more options for getting to where you need to be, and we’re adopting new technologies to make it easier for you to buy your ticket and to keep you connected during your journey.

Northern is committed to delivering the things that matter to you - the things that will make your journey better.

We are transforming rail travel in the north of England.

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They have been a long time coming, but we’re really starting to gather pace with our improvements, so we’ve developed this site to keep you up to date with all the latest news. You can also sign up for email updates and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

More services and better connections

We’re increasing the number of services we provide to give you more options for getting to where you need to be.  Since the start of the franchise in 2016, we have introduced over 2,000 extra services a week.

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Northern fleet refurbishment hits 50%

Northern has now refurbished more than 50 per cent of its trains. The news comes as Northern launched […]

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North East customers get extra Newcastle – Carlisle services

Northern is set to give extra rail services to customers travelling between Newcastle and Carlisle. As part of […]

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Gainsborough Central set for first weekday service for 30 years

Northern is set to give Gainsborough Central its first weekday rail service for almost 30 years. The new […]

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Making Stations Better

Our station improvement programme continues to gather pace through a £32 million investment. Over 100 stations were upgraded last year, making our stations more accessible, more secure and more comfortable.

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